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Chia-Hua Chou Professor

E-mail: chchou@ntut.edu.tw

Room 407,General Studies Building ext. 3047

Office Hours:Tue Periods 3,4 Wed Periods 5,6

Shun-Tang Wu Professor

Education :Ph.D. in Department of Mathematical Sciences, National Chengchi University

Research Interests:Differential Equations


Room 601,General Studies Building ext. 3068

Office Hours:Mon Periods 5,6 Thu Periods 6,7

Hui-Jen Chen Associate Professor

Education :

Research Interests:


Room 504,General Studies Building ext. 3054

Office Hours:Thu Perios 1,2  Periods 7,8

Ching-Yen Lin Associate Professor

Education :Ph.D. in Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan Normal University

Research Interests:Convex Analysis、Optimization、Variant Problems


Room 611,General Studies Building ext. 3011

Office Hours:Tue Periods 3,4 Wed Periods 1,2

Chen-Huang Hung Associate Professor

Education : Ph.D. in Mathematics, National Central University

Research Interests:Differential Equations, Mathematics of Fuzzy, Inequatities and Analysis.


Room 603,General Studies Building ext. 3063

Office Hours:Wed Periods 2~4 Thu Periods 2~4

Huei-Lin Hung Associate Professor

Education :Ph.D. in Mathematics, National Central University

Research Interests:Differential Equations, Boundary Value Problems,Inequalities


Room 602,General Studies Building ext. 3062

Office Hours:Mon Periods 2,3,4 Thu Periods 7

Chien-Wen Chen Associate Professor / Director of GEC

Education :Doctor of Law, Chengchi University, Department of Law

Research Interests:Labor Law, Administrative Law, Intellectual Property Rights Law, Copyright Law, and Innovative Thinking


Room 506,General Studies Building ext. 3001/3026

Office Hours:Mon Periods 1~6

Chien-Chou Lin Associate Professor

Education :Ph.D. in Mathematics, National Changhua University of Education

Research Interests:Dynamical Systems, Optimization Theory, Matrix Operations, Smart Antenna for direction of arrival estimation.


Room 612,General Studies Building ext. 3067

Office Hours:Mon Periods 6,7 Tue Periods 8 Wed Periods 3,4 Thu Periods 2

Jian-Jhong Lin Associate Professor

Education :Ph.D. in Mathematics National Tsing Hua University

Research Interests:differential equations、difference equations、dynamical systems、mathematical biology


Room 609,General Studies Building ext. 3069

Office Hours:Mon Periods 5,6 Tue Periods 7,8 Wed Periods 3,4

Yi-Wen Cheng Assistant Professor

Education :Ph.D.(LIAS-State&Society), Leiden University, the Netherlands

Research Interests:Visual Sociology, Labor Sociology, Contemporary Chinese Society


Room 613,General Studies Building ext. 3048

Office Hours:Mon Periods 5,6 Wed Periods 7,8

Ming-Cheng Tsai Assistant Professor

Education : Ph.D. in Department of Applied Mathematics National ChiaoTung University

Research Interests:Numerical range, matrix analysis, functional analysis, operator theory


Room 610,General Studies Building ext. 3060

Office Hours:Mon Periods 7,8 Tue Periods 1,2 Thu Periods 1,5

Jie-Sheng Jan Assistant Professor

Education :Ph.D., Sociology, Texas A&M University

Research Interests:International Migration and Ethnic Relations、 Intermarriage and Assimilation、Education and Social Stratification、Social Status and Mental Health、Fertility and Family.


Room 501-4,General Studies Building ext. 3051

Office Hours: Tue Periods 3~6 Fri Periods 7,8

Shao-Hsun Chang Assistant Professor

Education :Doctor of Muscial Arts, Peabody Institute of the Jhons Hopkins University

Research Interests:Musci、Piano performance、Piano Literature


Room 608,General Studies Building ext. 3035

Office Hours: Tue Periods 3,4,5,6 Fri Periods 1,2

Chen-Chieh HuangAssistant Professor

Education :Doctor of Philosophy in Department of Chinese Literature,National Chengchi University

Research Interests:History of Chinese Thoughts、Chinese Buddhism、Text Structure


Room 203-1, Fifth Academic Building ext. 3049

Office Hours:Mon Periods 7 Wed Periods 5,6 Thu Periods 7